Availability in changing times

Accommodation arrangements have been thrown into disarray on account of the Tier 2 regulations now affecting London and Essex. This means that only household ‘bubbles’ from there can congregate indoors, although other groupings can socially distance outdoors subject to the Rule of Six of course. Fortunately, many of our guests from London and Essex are within the household criteria anyway but it does mean that there are more rapid-than-usual changes to availability as some cancellations come in but new bookings received. So it’s always worth checking our availability slots.


We have had the general November Lockdown since the above paragraph was published. As we were fully booked for that month this inevitably meant many booking deferrals and refunds in accordance with our T & C’s. It is anticipated  – although by no means certain – that the country will return to its ‘Tiers’ after 2 December 2020. Watch this space!

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